Art by Aonik
Ability Super Luck
Type Icon TypeNormal
Species Lucky Cat Pokémon
Weight 11.8 lbs 5.35 kg
Height 1'04" 0.40 m
Color White
Habitat Urban
Experience 800,000 at Lv. 100
Gender 50% 50%
EV Yield 1 Atk
Egg Group Ground

Tabbi is a Normal-type Pokémon.

It evolves into Bastet when leveled up knowing Kinesis and holding a Twistedspoon.



Gender DifferencesEdit

Male Tabbi have silver bells. Female Tabbi have golden bells.

Special AbilitiesEdit

Tabbi is considered to be incredibly lucky. It also packs quite the punch despite its appearance.


Unlike most cats, Tabbi prefers to play with spoons and other silverware rather than yarn. It loves to battle and it will attack other cat Pokémon in hopes of making it fight. It exhibits strange psychic abilities that seem to be amplified when near metal objects.


Tabbi are found wandering the streets of cities. They are also common housepets.

Game DataEdit

Pokédex EntryEdit

It can often be found trying to play in its trainer's silverware drawer. When in battle, it prefers to use its tail over its claws and fangs.

Sp. Atk
Sp. Def
Total 246

In-Game SpriteEdit



By Level-UpEdit

Level Move Type
-- Tackle Icon TypeNormal
02 Tail Whip Icon TypeNormal
06 Leer Icon TypeNormal
10 Uproar Icon TypeNormal
13 Slam Icon TypeNormal
15 Lucky Chant Icon TypeNormal
17 Kinesis Icon TypePsychic
21 Iron Tail Icon TypeSteel
24 Wish Icon TypeNormal
28 Captivate Icon TypeNormal
32 Take Down Icon TypeNormal
35 Extrasensory Icon TypePsychic
38 Heal Bell Icon TypeNormal
40 Double-Edge Icon TypeNormal

By TMEdit

TM Move Type
05 Roar Icon TypeNormal
06 Toxic Icon TypePoison
10 Hidden Power Icon TypeNormal
11 Sunny Day Icon TypeFire
12 Taunt Icon TypeDark
17 Protect Icon TypeNormal
21 Frustration Icon TypeNormal
22 Solar Beam Icon TypeGrass
23 Iron Tail Icon TypeSteel
27 Return Icon TypeNormal
32 Double Team Icon TypeNormal
40 Aerial Ace Icon TypeFlying
42 Facade Icon TypeNormal
43 Secret Power Icon TypeNormal
44 Rest Icon TypePsychic
45 Attract Icon TypeNormal
46 Thief Icon TypeDark
54 False Swipe Icon TypeNormal
58 Endure Icon TypeNormal
65 Shadow Claw Icon TypeGhost
78 Captivate Icon TypeNormal
82 Sleep Talk Icon TypeNormal
83 Natural Gift Icon TypeNormal
86 Grass Knot Icon TypeGrass
89 U-turn Icon TypeBug
90 Substitute Icon TypeNormal

By Move TutorEdit

Move Type
Heal Bell Icon TypeNormal
Switcheroo Icon TypeDark
Fake Tears Icon TypeDark
Sucker Punch Icon TypeDark
Double-Edge Icon TypeNormal
Metronome Icon TypeNormal
Aqua Tail Icon TypeWater
Extremespeed Icon TypeNormal
Headbutt Icon TypeNormal
Zen Headbutt Icon TypePsychic
Iron Head Icon TypeSteel
Consult Move Tutor page for more info.

By Egg MovesEdit

Move Type
Pay Day Icon TypeNormal
Night Slash Icon TypeDark
Zen Headbutt Icon TypePsychic
Heal Bell Icon TypeNormal
Screech Icon TypeNormal
Slash Icon TypeNormal
Aqua Tail Icon TypeWater
Fire Fang Icon TypeFire
Thunder Fang Icon TypeElectric
Ice Fang Icon TypeIce